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This page is in the process of becoming a resource for people interested in the underground press & alternative press in the United States from 1960 through 1975. It is maintained by former reporters and editors from the period involved in various print newspapers and news services that identified themselves as part of the underground press & alternative press.  


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College Press Service/U.S. Student Press Association History and Archival Collections

The Public Eye Magazine, 1977- History and Archival Collections

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Images from the Underground Press

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Underground Press Syndicate Meeting, Boulder, Colorado, 1973

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Books About the Underground and Alternative Press

Bibliography from Bowling Green University

Intellectual freedom and social responsibility in American librarianship

We are starting to collect information on the alternative news and feature services:

Alternative Press Features
Appalachian News Service
CHIPS - Cooperative High School Press Service
College Press Service
Community Press Features (aka Community Press Service)
Community Press Service (aka Community Press Features)
Dispatch News Service
Earth News Service
Liberation News Service
Liberation News Service - NY
Liberation News Service - MA
New York News Service
Pacific News Service
Peoples Translation Service
Tricontinental News Service
Zodiac News Service

And More...

Selected Collections

State Historical Society of Wisconsin


Voices from the Underground Exhibit at the University of Connecticut

About the Microfilm Collection
Collected for microfilming by the Underground Press Syndicate, which was later renamed the Alternative Press Syndicate.

Underground Newpaper Microfilm Collection
Underground Press Collection
Underground Newspaper Collection

Produced by Bell & Howell, University Microfilms, with additional material from the Hoover Institution.

The entry at Hoover/Stanford

An excellent introduction from the University of Minnesota: What is the Underground Press Collection and how do I use it?

Other Resources:

Alternative Press Index

The most excellent indexing project

Wikipiedia Entries (accurate on a good day)

Underground Press Syndicate


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Collections of newspapers online

Collections of news services online


Alternative Media - History


Site curated by Chip Berlet: Barricade Journalism: Notes from a Once Underground Press











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